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At the opposite of hot likely ginger (Zingiberis Officinale) pregnant of vitamins which good for human being. Besides as kitchen flavour there are also many used as by traditional drug ingredient or jamu (in Indonesia)

Dry Rimpang of pregnant ginger 1-4 % of oil of atsiri representing especial active materials at ginger. Oil of Atsiri this also giving typical aroma at ginger. From atsiri of this ginger containing compound type and rate of depended from the ginger place grow. Especial compont is zingiberen and bisabolen, giving aromatis typical of ginger, and gingerol and also shogaol giving to feel hotly

In medication of China ginger have been used more than 2500 year, for the overcoming of digestive trouble, cough, puking, rheumatism and diarrhoea. While in medication of Ayurveda, ginger used by pain in bone like arthritis. And so do in traditional jamu ingredient of Indonesia. Facing less brotherly weather like now ginger of traditional ingredient alternative able to be used to increase stamina and give to feel warmness in all body

Ingredient of Wedang ginger very precise in our moment attacked flu, cough and head cold. Hot likely can assist to ease respiration, releasing phlegm and lessen pain in bone in red lane.

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