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Koempheria galanga ( Kaempheria Galanga) is type of empon-empon which still one family with ginger. In tribe of Zingiberaceae. But that way feel and its for difference with ginger, but its not fail .Pregnant koempheria galanga of chemical compound is so-called EPMS ( ethyl para metoksi sinamat) functioning as antioksidan as well as eliminating pain in bone

Simple Ingredient koempheria galanga and many consumed is to koempheria galanga rice (beras kencur) Because its effect as eliminating feel pain in bone, Hence drinked of koempheria galanga rice (beras kencur) body which commonly use to work, will protected from pain in bone, weary, stiff, linu

Besides there is having a notion that koempheria galanga can stimulate passion eat so that appetite eat to mount and body will become healthierly.

To lessen red lane pain in bone and also cough can overcome with one cutting of koempheria galanga. Wash out, to be munched then swallowed.

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