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Various means can be [done/conducted] to [do/conduct] diet, but healthy diet require to pay attention nine kinds of food following to be remain to be slender, beautiful and healthy

1. Fruits
Research into to prove, eat at least five fruit portion every day have many benefit. Among others prevent heart sickness and some kinds of cancer

2. Garlic
This high Food of oksidan and have famous as food which can prevent cancer. Garlic also assist to degrade body cholesterol rate of and lessen blood pressure.

3. Green Tea
Loaded Tea with antioksidan assisting to prevent expanding certain cancers in body. Green tea also improve performance of system immuned and degrade cholesterol rate in body

4. Green Vegetable
Vegetable have known green Leaf to contain many vitamin of A, E, Fibre, ferrum. Vitamin of A functioning take care of eye damping, membrane and husk of mukosa, while vitamin of E look after husk elasticity.
On the contrary, fibre improve;repair digestive system, and ferrum required for the production of red corpuscles

5. Milk
Milk is calcium sember and vitamin of D best to body. Cooperate with vitamin of D, calcium very good to taking care of strength of tooth and bone and also prevent disease like osteoporosis.
Milk also contain vitamin of B2 and of B12 which triggering body to produce red corpuscle.. red corpuscle send oxygen to body cells. circulation of fluent and healthy blood. take care of healthier visible husk and hair.

6. Soy
Pregnant Soy many vitamin of antioksidan preventing cancer. This food also contain many vitamin of E and acid of amino, needed to assist husk maintain softness and elasticity

7. Vitamin C
This Vitamin improve immuned system and make body more hold up to disease attack. Vitamin of C also share paenting in collagen production, chemicals in body taking care of skin so that remain to be elastic and free from aging

8. Yogurt
This Food to be process by milk contain many calcium, vitamin D and vitamin B. Besides yogurt also contain brotherly bacterium which assist digestive working system, husk hydration and improve;repair immuned system

9. Cacao/Cocolate
Cocolate is importance for taking care of beauty. Cocolate increase product and endorphins of serotonin, two kinds of hormone awakening feeling like, happy and balmy, which good to body

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