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Catch breath in tardyly then throw away also tardyly. Can we [do/conduct] the way of this [is] less in 10 times in one minute

[All] expert conclude by [doing/conducting] tardy respiration for minutes in one day have enough can assist to degrade blood pressure

Expert of National Institutes Health of like cited [by] accurate how [relation/link] of bernapas with blood pressure, and also why this [is] matter more to be compared to having an effect on to [do/conduct] relaksasi and or lessen the amount of everyday eaten salt consumption

Dr. David Anderson explain its attempt which [done/conducted] [by] [at] participant which suffering hypertension, by using appliance assist, they [is] suggested to [do/conduct] respiration of tardy scara, hence can give new lighting [of] [relation/link] [among/between] hypertension, diet and stres.

Whoever can be hit [by] hypertension that is blood pressure can reach 140 / 90 mmHg or more. Fatness, less activity, excessive salt asupan and America food type which seems cause hypertension. Heavy degradation [of] body, physical activity and reduction of salt in this time daianggap represent life style so that can make patient blood pressure become downhillly. Even in this time many patient requiring drug to degrade its blood pressure

Though risk factor have been known, [all] expert still not yet sure about root the happening of hypertensi

Maditasi, and yoga of various technique of relaksasi can make tardy and deeper breath. Breathing slow and throw routine will be able to assist to arrange blood pressure

Breathing slowly [is] to lessen frequency of breath 16-19 times in one minute become 10 times or less

[At] test of kinik their which [do/conduct] tardy respiration during its[his] 15 [him/ it] minute during 2 months in the reality can degrade blood pressure 10-15 poin. This matter [do] not be anticipated in the reality can change diet, athletic and or drugs

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