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Disease of diabetes suffered by many people
of Iindoneia. A patient of diabetes mellitus have sugar rate in high blood so that the patient have to beware of in applying pattern eat. Doctor even also often suggest to discipline patient in consuming drug, on a diet and dosport, and also avoid stres. Many it is true drug circulating in marketing to cure the diabetes, yet it is often its costly price because its materialss have to be imported. How will avoid stress if to buy drug which is hard.

Lucky, nowadays have been found by solemn drug and can be obtained easily, either in traditional market and also in supermarket. " Drug" what that solemn? CHICKPEA. Yes is, precise. Crop which is, its fruit look like string bean, shorter but that fat and in the reality can cure disease of diabetes mellitus.

The mentioned expressed in dissertation of Yayuk Andayani, which have presented its research entitle “Mekanisme Aktivitas Antihiperglikemik Ekstrak Buncis pada Tikus Diabetes dan Identifikasi Komponen Aktif”(" Mechanism Activity of Antihiperglikemik Extract Chickpea [at] Mouse of Diabetes and Identify Active Component") to obtain;get docktorate in Institute campus Agriculture Of Bogor ( IPB) Darmaga, some times then.

In its research, Yayuk use white mouse as attempt animal. White mouse have that three-month age by Yayuk given treatment of induction of diabetes. Its meaning, " designedly" the made by white mouse of diabetes mellitus. Before hypodermic with diabetes, the mouse have been given chickpea extract. In the reality during 30 minute after " designedly" put a train on diabetes, attempt mice blood sugar pressure return normally, without experiencing of degradation storey;level of hipoglikemik ( below/under sugar rate of normal-red).

Arise question, what " miracle" chickpea so that only during half hour can degrade sugar rate in blood till normal boundary. Based on Yayuk analisis, in chickpea consist in named vitamin " B-Sitosterol and of stigmasterol".

Both this vitamin can increase product insulin. Insulin is an yielded hormone naturally by our body from named body organ is pancreas. Functioning insulin to degrade sugar rate in blood. Natural someone of diabetes mellitus when scanty pancreas yield insulin or unable to produce at all. In the reality two mentioned vitamin can stimulate pancreas to increase produce its insulin.

Besides two mentioned vitamin, Yayuk obtain;get data that from 100 chickpea extract gram consist in carbohydrate 7,81 %, fat 0,28 %, protein 1,77 %, harsh fibre 2,07 %, and dusty rate 0,32 %. To doctor world and pharmacy, invention of this Yayuk can be made by reference to make drug of diabetes with chickpea extract. It is of course many obtained advantage, especially to society, because drug of diabetes will be more be easy and cheap got with many available materials him

To society, breakthrough of Yayuk that can get of cherry many people of mellitus diabetes, specially they are from circle unable to. Enough buy chickpea vegetable and eating it regularly, sugar rate in blood can go down. Its processing even also do not promiscuously. Chickpea benefit more felt if eaten as lalapan (snack). If cooked in the form of oseng-oseng with flesh addition, it is of course is the same is. Happy of frequent them eat snack of chickpea (lalapan). In the reality besides beloved, chickpea also can prevent and eliminate disease of diabetes. Will try?

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