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Besides paying attention order take and is depository of drug, better give special attention for the drug of faction of antibiotika, because antibiotika cannot consume promiscuously, because there is peripheral effect endanger which can happened if wrong to until consume this drug. Its effect like germ resistensi, allergic, infection supra, even until anafilaktik syok.

So that protected from side effects, following the way of using antibiotika;

1. Pursuant To Recipe Doctor.

When feeling disease symptom which as same as previously, frequent people buy direct antibiotika without doctor recipe. Way of this is true more practical and economize because needn't check and pay for the expense of doctor. Though, deciding to buy antibiotika alone, without doctor recipe and guide is to wrong action. Because same disease not yet of course can be healed with as same as bacterium.

Without inspection of doctor, it is possible that type of antibiotika bought is inappropriate. So that rather than making dead bacterium, but exactly result the happening of resistensi. As a result, if later;then day arise disease requiring antibiotika, possibility of body You have experienced of resistensi.

2. Drink up.

Take antibiotika have to used up in one a period to pain. If before antibiotika used up have feel fit, antibiotika which remain have to remain to be finished. This matter to ascertain all dead disease bacterium and prevent the existence of bacterium which remain able to multiply and form of antibiotika

3. Paying attention usage time

Most year of service of antibiotika among 6-8 hours ,so have to be taken by 3 times a day. In consequence pay attention its usage time interval. Don'T take too early or lose time. If too early or less than time interval 6-8 hour hence its therapy effectiveness will go down, while if late or more than time interval 6-8 hour, can cause germ resistensi.

4. Don'T be Reluctant enquire.

If feeling doubt in using antibiotika, don't worry to ask to apothecary or doctor. things required to asked, covering order drink and side effects.

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