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Latin name: Curcuma domestica

Local Name: Kunir; Kunyir; Koneng; Kunyet; Kuning; Kuneh

crop description: Wet bar plant, the height until 0,75 m, the leaf is elliptical, pink or rose colored compound interest. This annual herb crop yield main corm in form of old rust colored rhizome . The propagation with bydm soriyt

Habitat: Grow in farm and in forest, especially in core forest. Quite a few planted in composition. can grow in lowland of 2000 m above sea level

Part of the applied crop: Rhizome

Content of chemistry: Tumeron; Zingiberon; alcohol sesquiterpene; curcumin; Bitter matter; Fat hars; Vitamin C

Usefulness: Kholagog; Stomakik; Antispasmodic; Anti inflammation; Anti bakteria; Kholeretik

Name of simplesia: Curcumae domesticae Rhizoma

Traditional recipe:

Mange and hurt

Turmeric rhizome of 1 finger; Sour leaf 1 grasping; a few of water, sliced by thin paste up at hurts and changed every 3 hour.

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