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Latin name: Orthosiphon stamineus Benth

Local name: Kumis ucing; Brengos kucing; Songot koceng; Remujung; Sesaseyan

Crop description: wet bar plant, High until 1,5 m, the leaf is globular of egg, the flower of white chromatic is like catkin, the bar in form of easy and foursquare in breaking

Habitat: farm wild emergence, Riparian and in place of which the land are rather damp until height of 700 m above sea level, there is also planted as ornamental plant

Part of the applied crop: All part of plant

Content of chemistry: Genkosid orthosifonin; substance of fat; essential oils; fixed oil; Saponin; Sapofonin; Potassium salt

Khasiat: Anti inflammation; Diuretic

Name of simplesia: Orthosiphonis Herba

Traditional recipe:

Hard of urine

Fresh Kumis Kucing leaf, 1/4 grasping; 1 glass of water, Braised till obtain;get dilution of 1/2 glass, Drinked 2 times a day; and every timesdrink 1 /2 glass.


Kumis Kucing herb of 6 g; Herb meniran 7 tree; water 110 ml, Made by infusion, Drinked 2 times a day; every drink 100 ml


Kumis Kucing leaf of 20 sheet; Leaf sambiloto 20 sheet; water 110 ml, Made by infusion, Drinked 1 times a day; 100 ml

Back ache

Fresh Kumis Kucing leaf 1 grasping; Papaw bar husk for the width of 4 cm2; water 110 ml, Made by infusion, Drinked 1 times a day 100 ml

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