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Latin name:
Ficus septicum Burm.b.

LOCAL NAME: Sirih popar (Ambon) Tagalolo, Bei, Loloyan (Minahasa); Ki ciyat (Sunda); Awar awar (Jawa); Bar-abar (Madura); Awar awar (Belitung); Tobotobo (Makasar); Dausalo (Bugis); Bobulutu (Halmahera Utara); Tagalolo (Ternate).

FOREIGN NAME: Papua New Guinea: omia (Kurereda, Northern Province), manibwohebwahe (Wagawaga, Milne Bay), bahuerueru (Vanapa, Central Province). Philippines: hauili (Filipino), kauili (Tagalog), sio (Bikol).

NAME OF SIMPLISIA : Fici septicae folium; leaf awar-awar

Crop description: High bush or tree , straighten 1-5 metre. Bent fundamental bar curved, softened, cylindrical integer stick, hollow, hairless, rubbery of transparent. single stipule leaf, Big, very became sharp, single leaf, handle, sit interlude leaf or look out, handle of 2,53 cm. Globular blade of egg or elliptical, with circular jetty, tip of blunt enough narrow, plane edge, 9-30 times;rill of 9-16 cm, from the top (of) stripper green gleam, with many fleck turning pale, from under young green, left side right of middle vena by 6-12 side vena; second split vena side is strong color because the colour who turning pale. a couple of Pot formation, short handle, at the basal by 3 protector leaf, young green or grey green, diameter more or less 1,5 cm, at some crops are flowers and stam inate flower gal, at other of pistillate flower. Fruit of pot type, fleshly , grey greens, diameter of 1,5 - 2 cm. Time flowered January - December. This plant many found in and Javas Madura; grow at area with height of 1200 m above sea level, many found by the side of road;streets, forest and coppice is open.

Habitat: Wild emergence as intruder crop at lowland until 1200 m above sea level.

Part of the applied crop: Leaf

Content of chemistry: Flavonoid; Sterol;

Usefulness: Sudorik; Diuretic; Emetic

Name of simplesia: Fici septicae Folium

Ficus leaf septica can pursue growth of Escherichia coli and Bacillus subtilis in vitroly, result examination of bioautography is reported that 4 gr leaf extract awar awar dissolve in Metanol can pursue growth of bacterium. Antofin ( 5 gr) effect as antibakteri ( B. subtillis, M flavus and E. Coli)

Traditional recipe:

Herpes, head ache, Rheumatism:

Leaf awar-awar is fresh sufficiently; Air sufficiently, contused until in form of pasta, Dabbed at part of ill husk


Turmeric rhizome of 1/2 finger; Rasuk wind of 1/2 teaspoon; Coriander of 3 seed; Fruit of wood ules 1 seed; leaf trawas 1 sheet, boxed mixture; Added water of 115 ml and boiled; then filtered, Drinked by evening and morning; every times;drink 100 ml

Menstrual pain in bone

Turmeric rhizome of 1 finger; Coriander of 7 item; Clove of 1 item; Sour old(matured); nutmeg seed, boxed mixture; Added water of 110 ml; and boiled; then filtered, Drinked 1 times;rill one day 100 ml


Turmeric is burned 1 finger; Bar husk Pulosari 1 finger; Coriander of 7 seed; All crop patikan cina 1 grasping; Air 1 cup, boxed mixture; Added by is water and boiled until obtained as of cup; filtered, Age For baby of 5-7 month, 1 tea spoon /hour; Child of age of 1-2 year; drinked 2 times a day; 2 tablespoon; Adult; one day drink 3 times;every drink 1/2 of cup

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