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Latin name: Tamarindus indica Linn

Local Name: Tangkal asam; Acem; Celagi

Crop description: Chronical tree and the height large reach 15 m. The leaf of even fin, every year during the month of september - oktober the leaves is fall change by new. The flower is rust colored . The fruit form of legum.

Habitat: This crop of wild emergence in coastal areas. Quite a few which in planting people in edges walking as trees perindang. Lowland of 1 - 300 m above sea level.

Part of the applied crop: kernel; Young leaf ( sinom) ; bark.

Content of chemistry: Fruit of containing vitellarium; glucose; cellulose; acids which tied by potassiums; tartrat; sugar invart; pectin.

Usefulness: Laxative Agent; Analgesic; Diaforitik; Laxative

Name of simplesia: Tamarindori Pulpa Cruda

Traditional recipe:


2 Sour joint thumb; boiled water 100 ml, Poured Boiling Water Into, Drinked 100 ml everyday


1 Sour joint thumb; rhizome temulawak 4 chipping; water 110 ml, Poured Boiling Water Into, Drinked 1 times;a day 110 ml

Menstrual pain in bone: 1 Sour joint thumb; turmeric of 1 finger; boiled water 100 ml, Poured Boiling Water Into, Drinked by evening and morning, every drink 100 ml a day

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