Alpukad (AVOCADO)

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Latin name: Persea gratissima Gaerin

Local Name: Apukat; Advocaat; Alpokat; Apuket

crop description: tree, Height can reach 10 metre, wood bar, and bar branch. globular unique leaf of chromatic and green. Inflorescence in form of panicle, grow in tip of stick. Egg globularity bacca, form of globularity or ribbon. Colour of fruit of green until purple. Kernel if ripe have was rust colored or yellow greenness. main root

Habitat: Grow at area is hot at lowland until height of 1200 m above sea level

Part of the applied crop: Leaf

Content of chemistry: fixed oil; Lecithin; Fitosterin; Vitamin A,B,D and vitamin E

Khasiat: diuretic ; Antibacterial

Name of simplesia: Perseae Folium

Traditional recipe:


7 sheet Fresh Leaf avokat ; water 110 ml, Made by infusion or poured boiling water into, Drinked 2 times a day;rill; evening and morning, every drink 100 ml

Dysentery and stomachache

5 gr Leaf avokat; 5 g Fresh (Temu) rhizome; Fresh turmeric rhizome 6 g; Rasuk angin of 1/2 g; 6 g Leaf of gotu kola; water 115 ml, Made by infusion or poured boiling water into, Drinked 100 ml everyday

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