ANTING-ANTING ( Acalypha australis L.)

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Set Of Relatives : Euphorceae

local name : Earring.

English :

Chinese : Tie Xian

Nature Of Chemistry : This content of crop chemistry is many known not yet, usefulness which mentioned from hereditary experience and also empirically.

Effect Farmakologis : Antibiotic, anti chafing, deuritic, Astringent discontinue haemorrahage ( hemostatic), cold and bitter flavor.

Part of the applied crop : all fresh crop or ran dry.

Way of conducting :

Propagation of crop by using seed. This crop very easy to looked after and be like other crop also require water with sprinkler of flattening or take care of dampness of fertilization and especially basal fertilizer. This crop want enough place of sunshine and a few rather covert.

Traditional recipe:

1. Dysentery Amoeba : Dry crop ( all bar) about 30-60 braised gram, decoction water is drinked 2 times; and repeated for 5-10 day.

2. Dermatitis, Eksema, Scabby : Fresh herb sufficiently braised, the decoction water to clean ill husk.

3. Coughed, nosebleed and defecate blood : Dry crop 30-60 gram, braised and drinked after chilling.

4. Medicinize for cat : Root usualy weared medicinizeed by cat instinctively.

5. haemorrahage, singe : Added by fresh herb is sand sugar sufficiently, pulverized then patched at ill.

6. Dysentery Basiler : Dry crop 30-60 gram, added by portulaka 30 gram, sugar of 30 gram, braised and drinked after chilling.

7. Diarrhoea, vomit blood : Dry crop 30-60 gram, braised and drinked after chilling.

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