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( asparagua cochinchinenesis ( Lour.) Merr.)

Famili : Liliaceae

Area : Asparagus,

Foreigners : Christisdoorn

Nature Of Kimiawi : Saponin, aglycone, protosarsapogenin, asaparagine, glukose, fruktose, 5-methoxy-methylfurfural, beta-sitosterol.

Effect Farmakologis : In medication of Chinese and mentioned by other traditional is this crop have character - sweet flavor, Bitter, chilled. Kidney and lung meridian admission, fertilize Yin, clean lung and reduce fire heat, stimulate body fluids production, anti toxic, anti is neoplastic and anti is pyretic.

Part of the applied crop : Corm which dried

Way of conducting :

Apply seed or corm, Enough easy conservancy by taking care of dampness of land and also basal fertilizer and enough of sunshine. As crop medicinizeed hence this crop may not be sprayed with pesticide.

Disease available for healed and way of its use.

Bleeding cough and lung tuberculosis and also ill throat : Dry corm 6-12 gr boiled with 1 1/2 glass of water become 1 glass, drinked by warmness twice a day.

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