Foeniculum vulgare Mill (ADAS)

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Latin name: Foeniculum vulgare Mill

Local Name: Hades; adase; Fenkel; Fennel; Denggu-denggu; Papaato; Alas; Landi; Adhas; Cedas; Adeh; Manih; Wala wunga; Kumpasi; Paapang; Rempasu

Crop description: sodium, 0,5-3 High metre, grooved bar, emergence is vertical. leaf shar fin, spathe with white colour. Inflorescence in form of umbrella by 6-40 flower hilt, corolla is rust colored. Fruit of “berusuk-rusuk” very real, long 4-6 milimeter, green colour when ashes and is young after stripper.

Habitat: Grow wildly in area Tosari and conducting in mountain of East Java and Central Java at height of 900 - 1.300 above sea level

Part of the applied crop: Fruit of

Content of chemistry: limonena; fixed oil; stigmasterin; umbeliferona; sugar; saponin; flavonoida; polifenol


Anti inflammation , carminative , diuretic , antimicrobial

Traditional recipe:


3 item of Fennel; 3 sheet of guava Young leaf; Bar husk pulosari 1/2 finger; 2 cup of water; Ingredient is braised till boil until obtained by is dilution of 1 cup then filtered,

Age baby of 3 month; drink 5-7 times a day;, every times of 1 teaspoon;

Age baby of 6 month; drink 3 times a day; every times of 1 tablespoon;

Child of age of 3 year: drink 3 times a day; every times of 2 tablespoon;

Adolescent: drink 1 times; every times of 1 cup


3 item of Fennel ; Sugar sufficiently; water sufficiently; Leaf sagamanis 7 sheet; Bar husk pulosari 1 finger; Shallot of 1 fruit, Mixture added by water a few, then smooth boxed, then wrapped with banana leaf hereinafter steamed 15 minute, then extorted with clean cloth, Drinked at the same time before sleep


5 item of Fennel; Coriander of 11 seed; Merica is perforated 11 seed; Leaf po'o is fresh 20 sheet; water 2 cup; Turmeric of 1/2 finger; Lempuyang fragrant is burned 1 seed; “Temu Kunci” is burned 3 seed; Fresh “Temu Kunci” 3 seed; Wood ules 1 seed, Boxed mixture, then boiled until obtaining 1 cup, then filtered with clean cloth, Drinked 2 times a day.

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