Is You a smoker? You like to consume alcohol? Neglectless with habit of You, because the habit represent potential factor cause of osteoporosis.

Osteoporosis come along with a period of our old age progressively. But so non meaning osteoporosis cannot anticipate, minimize to be avoided by early.
Though osteoporosis represent disease of laten, but there is inexorable matter. But quite a few factor able to be altered to anticipate effect of osteoporosis.
One who is potential of suffer osteoporosis for example natural of menopause, owning habit smoke, drink alcohol and also less have sport.

clear low Calcium having risk osteoporosis too, even frankly also one who are is thin.
There are some inexorable laten factor, which natural risk of osteoporosis. For example, gender, old age, physique and some natural disease.
In the case of physique, woman of him can be lighter and its compared to smaller bone of man, so that natural risk of bigger menopause.
So also smaller and is thin, natural someone risk excelsior of osteoporosis.
For the minimalize of risk of osteoporosis, some habit can be altered, for example kicking a habit to smoke, grog and also coffee.
Add Calcium , heavy of body and also avoid drug like steroid, Phenobarbital and of phenytoin and have to accompany also with practice program

1. Nutrisi, namely enough protein ( albumin), enough vitamin of C, enough old green vegetable and calcium. Cereal, Orange Juice, milk, cheese, sea fish, enough vitamin of D
2. Practice regularly, like walking, hiking, dancing, jogging, exercise class, climbing stair. Tennis. Practice may not with sudden movements, may not with and stress of strain abundant bones
3. Altering life style. For example, don't smoke, avoid alcohol, and lessen coffee
4. Preventing to fall. Awaking situation of physical which have is downhill, have to beware of..

AGE (Years) KALSIM (mg)
<0,5 400 0,5 – 1 600 01-Okt 800 Nop-24 1.200-1.500 25-49 1.000 Menopause ( With estrogen) < 65 1.000 Menopause ( Without estrogen) <1.500 65 1.200-1.500 Pregnancy and suckle 1.500 Man >65

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