( Centella Asiatica ( L.) Urb.)

Gotu Kola of included into set of relatives Apiaceae. Grow to creep acauline, with short rhizome and runners are long.
Single leaf, sit on root rosette, form of kidney or circular, basal incise, jagged edge, long 2-8 cm, 2-8 wide cm, smooth surface of green chromatic or green is purple.
Flower, compound, emerge from leaf axil, form of red colour statue or turned white.
Fruit of in form of box, egg globularity, long 1 mm, hard of young time become green after stripper hitam,Akar ride, brown.

Usage empirically by public expressed as drug for launch urine, reduce heat, stimulate passion eat, improve;repair digestion, for drug difficult to defecate, clean and cure hurt. While result analysing useful reported gotu kola herb extract pharmacology as drug anti rheumatism, deuritik, as dative and peripheral vasodilator.
In madagaskar have been done by clinical trial for the result and leprosy ailment is very positive.

Although many the usefulness are but rather old excess of usage or dose at husk can generate narcotic effect, headache, vertigo, and at individual which sensitiif can generate comma.

Efficacious and exploiting of empiric

1. For fever drug take herb of gotu kola of fresh counted 50 gram, cleaned and braised by 2 water glass until boiling or decoction water remain the half is then filtered and hushed until it was cool, then drinked at the same time. Done curative counted 3 times a day, morning, evening and noon with time interval of 6 hour.

2. To take care of health. Leaf consumption gotu kola of still fresh be young counted 100 gram every day as vegetable.

Gotu kola conducting better be done in open farm and getting enough sunshine. As for sequence technique cultivation of gotu kola is as follows;

1. Nursery bed.
For making seed, select;choose bydm soriyt from fertile runner and have been is old with leaf about 2-3 sheet, abstract precautionsly so that the root not damage. The bydm soriyts then plant in place seedbeds with good medias. Evening and morning take bath for taking care of the dampness. Seed ready moved to farm after yielding 4-6 leaf or of old age about 6 week.

2. Processing of cultivation and farm.
Processing of farm started with hoing farm in flatten in more or less 25 cm, at the same time cleared of the rooting and weed. Farm then given by manure with dose of 10 ton/ha, then made by bed of the size wide 1m, 25 high cm and length correspond to situation of farm. After seed made ready hence seed can be moved to farm. Things needing pay attention to is time of evacuation must be done precautionsly so that root don't destroyed. Plant seed in bed with plant spacing 20x20cm. Usually for one farm hectare need to 100.000 seed.

3. Conservancy
Most important conservancy is irrigating and mowing. Gift of crop fertilizer can be done after crop 1 month of in farm. Give nitrogen fertilizer with dose of 300 kg/ha. Pesticide is not suggested to be used. If happened attack of disease pest hence eradication can be done by the way of mechanical that is throwing away or burn crop which attacked.

4. Harvested.
Harvest gotu kola is done after crop of old age about 3 month;moon in farm. Way of correct crop that is abstracting crop with the root, is then collected in place of clean. If will be consumed by fresh hence clean washable leaf and direct can be applied. If will be applied as component of standard entertained hence require to former dried.

5. Post crop
First time gotu kola herb is washed until cleanness, than leak or dried with wind about 1 night. In a state of this material disortasi for removing impurities which brought during processing hereinafter. After material clear of contamination then dried below/under sunshine until drought, ( the sign is material easy to broken). Material which have running dry or called as this simplisia is tidy with plastic sack;bag and is called a meeting to order or if will be consumed to earn applied direct.

Fresh leaf production with intensive leaf can reach 28 ton/ha. From this result will be obtained by simplisia celery counted 5 ton/ha. Ethanol assay result of 70% in BPTO obtained by result counted 18,42% brown green chromatic and felt is bitter.

Oleaginous gotu kola herb of volatile, asiatikosida and sour asiatikat that is brahmosida, thunkunisida, alkaloid hidrokoyilin and saponin.

Nutrition analysis indicate that rich gotu kola leaf to contents of vitamin for example 6580ยต g betakaroten, 0,15 magnesium thiamine, 0.14 magnesium riboflafin, 1,2 niacin magnesium and 4 ascorbic acid magnesium.

Balai Penelitian Tanaman Obar (Hall Research Of Crop Medicinizeed) ( BPTO-Tawangmangu)

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