MUTAMBA (Jati Belanda)( Guazuma Ulmifolia Lamk.)

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MUTAMBA (Jati Belanda)

( Guazuma Ulmifolia Lamk.)

Mutamba or Jati Belanda is a well-known herb in Java. Used traditionally for slimming, it is a potent antioxidant that helps to quench excess free radicals produced when fat is burned.


Mutamba (Jati Belanda) cum the elm or clump crop can reach 20 m. This crop enter in familia Sterculiaceae. This crop come from America, then brought by people Portugis to Indonesia and dikultivasikan in Central Java and jawa East. This crop marking is globular leaf of egg until Iancet, the jetty manipulate in form of heart, keen tip, surface of top with furry seldom, surface under fullfiedged. The bar ossified, globular, rough surface and many paths, wood, branch, green colour rather turned white. single flower, Circular in leaf axil. The fruit in form of box, circular, ossified, and chromatic is green. The seed is small, young tan and hard.


Usage empirically by public often applied as medicinize to slim body (as slimer), while the seed applied to discontinue diarrhoea and as carminative.

Usage of Jati Belanda core leaf infusion buccally continuous and during 1 month can increase aktifitity SGPT twice normal with dose of 500 mg/bb, but after continued during 3 month will return is normal.

Some research of farmakologis mention that Jati Belanda cores leaves can pursue accretion of bodies weights and lessen bodies fat.


1. Jati belanda core seed decoction which burned like coffee can be drank by colic drug. Jati Belanda which added by underwater pulverized and burned is useful fennel cure out of breath and flatulent stomach.

2. For as medicinize to slim body (as slimer), take 20 gram Jati Belanda core leaf powder, poured boiling water into by hot matured 1 water glass, after chilling then filtered. Result from screening is drinked one day twice at evening and morning.


Jati Belanda Plants can multiply generatively apply the seed. Fruit which have is old at this crop will break by itself and throw the small wedge spread over to about the place of mains emergence. This crop also easy condukting by vegetative apply bar cutting or transplant. For Jati Belanda plants conducting, all important things is location choice and election of place of crop which enough getting sunshine.

1. Nursery bed.

Making of Jati Belanda core crop seed done by using generative way apply crop seed or seed.

Former seedling seed in containing seedbed basin of compost and sand mixture with comparison of 1:1. After seed germinate, about 2 week, or after leaf of 3-4 sheet, hence soon carried over in containing plastic of compost and soil mixture. After seed of old age 6 week, then seed ready for planted.

2. Processing Of Cultivation and farm.

Processing of farm started with hoing farm in about 30 cm, then farm divided to become terracing. In terracing then made by hole cultivation of diameter of 20 cm and in 25 cm. Every planting hole given by manure counted 5 kg/hole and TSP counted 10 gram/lhole as basal fertilizer. Plant spacing between 100 X 100 cm. Seed which have been prepared at direct plastic by planting hole and covered with soil until plane. So that planted by seed is emergence better hence have to be taken care of the dampness until seed really growing better by the way of giving enough irrigating.

3. Conservancy.

Conservancy especially with fertilization, irrigating, mowing, return soil around crop (pendangiran) and eradication of disease pest.

4. Harvest

Harvest Jati belabnda core done by the way of cutting crop stick with scythe or crop scissors, then leaf is plucked and collected in potting, hereinafter deliberated to know the production result.

5. Pascapanen.

Yield done by take seed (perempelan), sortasi, hallowing, slice, draining. Material which disortasi for dissociating impurities sticking. After material clear of contamination then dried under sunshine until constant drought. Material which have running dry then tidy in plastic sack/bag and close.

6. Production

Jati belanda core leaf production which in planting with distance of 1 X 1 m yield leaf producing drought of 12.226 kg/ha. Progressively old crop would more and more the production.


Jati Belanda core leaf contain triterpan, or sterol, alkaloid, saponin, cardenolin and bufadienol, flavonoid, tannin and polofenol, antrakinon.

Source : BPTO ( Balai Penelitian Tanaman Obat) Tawangmangu Karanganyar Jawa Tengah

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